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Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine | Shrink Wrapping Tunnel Machine

Everything About Shrink Wrapping Machine | Process | Features & Types of Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a popular packaging technique that involves wrapping a product in a plastic film and then shrinking the film to tightly fit the product using heat.  Shrink wrapping is used in a variety of industries, including food, beverage, cosmetics, and electronics. Shrink wrapping machines automate this process and make it faster and more efficient.

Siddhivinayak Engineering is a leading Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine Manufacturer, that provides a variety of features, including high-speed labeling, precise positioning, easy operation, and reliability. This Automatic Shrink Sleeve Wrap Applicator is perfect for wrapping single or multiple products, such as bottles, cans, cartons, and pallets. In this blog we will provide everything about shrink wrapping machine. 


What is a Shrink Wrapping Machine?

A shrink wrapping machine is a device used to apply shrink wrap packaging to products. The machine wraps the item in a plastic film or bag, then uses heat to shrink the film tightly around the shape of the product. This creates a secure, transparent package that displays the item easily while protecting it from damage.

The Automatic Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machines are available in different sizes and configurations to adjust products shapes and sizes, from small retail items to large. 


Process of Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine-

Sealing- The product is positioned in the center of the film, and the film is wrapped around it. The machine also seals the edges of the film together to create a pouch around the product.

Heating- Once the product is sealed inside the film, the machine applies heat to the film. As a result, the film shrinks and conforms tightly to the shape of the product.

Cooling- After the film has shrunk, the machine applies cool air to the product to secure the film and finish the wrapping process.



These are certain features available in Shrink wrapping machine:-

  • Sealing line on Two sides of the product
  • Counter& Timer controlled System
  • Heavy-duty Conveyor System
  • High-speed Blower System with Continuous Rating
  • High-Quality Heating Element
  • Easy Operations
  • Longer Service Life
  • Most importantly, Resistant Against Corrosion
  • Two Roll of shrink film Operations


Types of Shrink Wrapping Machines-

L-Bar Sealers-
These machines create a seal around the product, making them ideal for items with irregular shapes.

Tunnel Shrink Wrappers-
In tunnel shrink wrappers, the entire product travels through the heating tunnel for wrap shrinkage. Shrink Wrapping Tunnel is very fast but best suited for regular, solid products that can withstand the heat tunnel.

Side Seal Shrink Wrappers-
Side sealers offer high-speed wrapping and can handle irregular and weak products well.


Advantages Of Shrink Wrapping Machine-

  • Protection from dust, Moisture, and foreign Particles.
  • Secondly, Give stability to the pack
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Handling becomes easy and fast
  • Economical Mode of packing
  • Prevent Telescoping of Rolls
  • Most importantly, it Saving Packaging Labor and time
  • Attractive Packing Than printed boxes
  • Fast wrapping speeds

For these reasons, shrink wrapping with automatic shrink wrappping machines is an ideal packaging solution for many industries. With the ability to wrap at high speeds while creating secure, tamper-evident and retail-friendly packs, shrink wrapping improves efficiency, presentation, and protection.  

We are a leading Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine Exporter in Ahmedabad, India. We provide training, technical support, and after sales-support to help our customers. Contact us today!