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Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine

Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine

An Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine is a piece of equipment that is designed to help businesses in the packaging industry streamline their bottle sorting and orientation process. The Automatic Bottle Unscrambler is designed to sort and arrange empty bottles in an upright position for easy filling, capping, and labeling. Our bottle unscrambling machine can unscramble any round or flat bottle at speeds ranging up to 200 BPM. Ideal for use in cylindrical, oval, and rectangular plastic bottles with heights ranging from 50 to 300 mm and outer diameters ranging from 20 to 105 mm.


The bottle unscrambler machine operates using a conveyor belt system that transports the empty bottles to the machine’s feed hopper. When the unsorted bottles reach the feed hopper, they are discharged onto a horizontal rotary disc that separates and uprights the bottles. The rotating disc rotates at a high speed, sorting the bottles using centrifugal force. The automatic unscrambler machine is specially designed to unscramble a wide range and sizes of bottles and containers in various industries such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetic and food and beverages.


The Bottle Unscrambler offers several advantages, including increased production efficiency, improved product quality, and reduced labour costs. The product is fully controlled electronically & provides perfect synchronisation with the filling line as well as allows variation of the machine parameters. Full Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine is an automatic machine that does not require employees to manually sort bottles. We are leading Bottle Unscrambler Machine Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier

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Technical Data

Model SVNSA500
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Output/Min* Up to 500 Labels / Min.
Power Supply 4.5 kW Single Phase 230V, 50Hz AC Supply (Can Customized as Client Need)
MOC Stainless Steel 304, Anodized Aluminum
Machine Dimension L 3500 mm * W 1100 mm * H 2000 mm
Sleeve Roll Core 76 mm
Sleeve Roll Diameter 400 mm
Bottle Diameter 30~90 mm (Special Size Can be Customized)
Bottle Height 50~300 mm (Special Size Can be Customized)
Sleeve Material PVC / PET / OPS / PLA
Stop Tolerance +/ -1 mm
Change Part Mandrel, Feed Screw
Sleeve Size W 25-150 mm * H25-300 mm * Thickness 38-50 µm
Gap between Two Sleeves Minimum 4 mm
Printer Device According to Customer's requirement
Machine Weight(kg) 700

key Features

No Bottle No Sleeve

Stainless Steel Construction Including Main Machine Frame

Containing all the characteristics of high-speed sleeve applicator machines.

Safety guards and touch panel control system ensure unit is user friendly.

Advanced High speed PLC Controlled Servo Motor opearated Sleeve Dispenser Unit.

Unique desing of rotary sleeve Cutter - Exact cutting lengths of sleeve

PLC will automatically calculate sleeve inserting timing according to the signal of conveyor speed without adjusting product sensor

Spring-loaded type sleeve-feeding system incorporate with analogical induction mode for smooth operation at higher speed.

On-line speed can be vary at single touch point

Fully Synchronised Feed Screw - Creat equal space between the bottles.

Vibration-Free Slat Chain Conveyor with Variable Speed Drive

Flexible system- The machine is suitable for handling different sleeve lengths and diameters.

Auto Seeve Length Measurement

Tool less change over - Minimum Changes Over Time

Accurate Sleeve Placement

Built-In Product Counter

AC Drive For Speed Control

Height Adjustable Legs

Polycarbonate Sheet Safety door

Built-In Control Panel

Optional Features

Sleeve Roll Empty Alarm

When the Sleeve rolls empty, Machine stops with the alarm

In Feed / Out Feed Jamming Sensor

When In Feed / Out Feed bottle jamm – Machine stop with alarm

Missing Sleeve

Machine stop with alarm or online pneumatic operated product rejection system

Stand Alone Unwined System with Line Accumulator

This option can be integrated to the Hight Speed SleevePro models to avoid downtime on the production line by using the accumulator to splice to a new roll.

Tower Light

Tower light Indicates the status of the process

Batch Code Printer

Online batch code / barcode / 2D matrix code printing on label

Inspection & Rejection System

Online vision Inspection and rejection system

Main Electrical Configuration

Part Name Make Description
PLC Control system Panasonic High Speed PLC
Touch-screen Pansonic 7 " Tocuh Screen HMI
Sleeve Dispenser Motor Panasonic High Torque Servo Motor
Rotary Cutter Motor Panasonic High Torque Servo Motor
Cutter Home Positiong Sensot Panasonic Micro Sensor
Photoelectric sensor (Check object) Wanglore / Leuze Diffuse type Sensor
Label sensor (Check opaque label) Leuze Fork Type Label Scanner
Sleeve Unwinder Sensor Wanglore / Leuze Diffuse type Sensor
Part Name Make Description
Elevating Motor Oriental Motor Compact AC Gear Motor
Sleeve Pusher Motor Oriental Motor Compact AC Gear Motor
Sleeve Postioning Motor Oriental Motor Compact AC Gear Motor
Sleeve Holding Belt Motor Oriental Motor Compact AC Gear Motor
Conveyor Motor Bonfiglioli/ Bonvario Induction Gear Motor
Speed Controller Drive Schneider / Danfoss Variable Frequency Drive
Bottle Space Creator Motor Oriental Motor Compact AC Gear Motor
Sleeve roll Unwinder Motor Bonfiglioli/ Bonvario Induction Gear Motor


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Range of Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine

The Siddhivinayak Engineering-designed Bottle Unscrambler Machine is a cutting-edge device that uses the most recent automated technologies for precise and effective label application. We offer a variety of Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Sleeve Applicator, Automatic Single Head Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Dual Head Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Double Head Bottle Bottle Unscrambler Machine, High Speed Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Bottle Neck Unscrambler Machine. We are Manufacturer of highly sophisticated technology shrink sleeve machines such as Automatic Horizontal Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Electric Unscrambler Machine, Jar & Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic High Speed Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Vertical Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Rotary Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Semi Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Linear Bottle Unscramblers, Turn Table Unscrambler, Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine Manufacturer, Plastic Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Unscramble Bottle Machine Manufacturer.

An Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine is a machine that is used to apply sleeve labels onto a variety of products such as bottles, cans, tins and jars. There are several types of Bottle Unscrambler Machines available such as Pharma Syrup Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Dry Syrup Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Honey Jar Unscrambler Machine, Edible Oil Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Lubricant Oil Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Hair Oil Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Shampoo Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Phenol Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Fruit Juice Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Soft Drink Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Cosmetics Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Powder Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Beer Can Unscrambler Machine, Liquor Bottle Unscrambler Machine. Siddhivinayak Engineering is leading manufacturer of various types of Dish Wash Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Glue Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Hand Wash Unscrambler Machine, Petroleum Jelly Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Cosmetic Lotion Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Balm Unscrambler Machine, Rubber Adhesive Unscrambler Machine, Hair Straightener Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Hand Sanitizer Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Stationery Unscrambler Machine.

A Bottle Unscrambler Machine is a piece of packing machinery that is used to apply sleeves to products such as bottles, cans, tins, jars, and other containers. Among our Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machines includes Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Jar Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Tin Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Plastic Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic PET Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Aluminium Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Glass Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Pouch Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Stainless Steel Bottle Unscrambler Machine. We are an acclaimed name engaged in offering our precious clients a high-performance range of Automatic HDPE Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Metal Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Semi Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic LDPE Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic PP Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic PS Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic PVC Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic PC Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic PBT Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Metal Can Unscrambler Machine.

Auto Bottle Unscrambler Machines are utilised in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and other. We have a diverse selection of Single Head Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Double Head Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Four Head Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Eight Head Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Multi Head Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Semi Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Shrink Sleeve Seal Label Applicator Machine, Dual Head Bottle Unscrambler Machine. These sleeve applicators are provided with a range of Bottle Unscrambler, Unscrambler Machine, Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Bottle Unscrambling Machine, Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine, High Speed Bottle Unscrambler, Automatic Unscrambler, Pet Bottle Unscrambler Machine, Automatic Bottle Unscrambler, Rotary Bottle Unscramblers, Bottle Unscrambler Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers, Bottle Unscrambler Machine With Conveyor, Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine Manufacturer In Ahmedabad India, Horizontal Bottle Unscrambler, Round Bottle Unscrambler, Square Bottle Unscrambler, Bottle Feeding Unscrambler.


Automatic Neck Shrink sleeve applicator machine is used in application of the shrink sleeve label onto container. This sleeve is used in various packaging technologies.

It works with Two Synchronized Servo Motors as one in cutter unit and another is for feeder unit for accurate label placement.

We strictly implement responsibility of the post,

  1. When you confirm order,the design department will send the final design for your confirmation before production.
  2. The designer will follow the processing department to ensure each mechanical parts are processed correctly and timely.
  3. After all parts done,designer transfer responsibility to the Assembly Dept,which need to assemble the equipment on time.
  4. Responsibility transferred to Adjustment Dept with the assembled machine.Sales will check the progress and feedback to customer.
  5. After customer’s video checking/factory inspection,sales will arrange the delivery.
  6. If customer have problem during application,Sales will ask the After-sales Dept to solve it together

Sleeve materials made from PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, hybrid, or PLA material.

This Sleeve Applicaor Machine is used in various packaging technologies like foods, beverages, and personal care products, cosmetic and medical equipments.


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